Welcome to BIPL at UoL

BIPL(Biomedical Image Processing Lab) mainly works on the development of novel algorithms and application tools for automated processing of medical and biological signals/images. Major research contribution is made towards two complementary aspects: Fundamental understanding and modelling of images and signals, and Application-driven development in collaboration with professionals in medicine, biology, psychology, engineering, physics, earth observation and sociology. With digital biomedical signals/images being widely stored and shared in networks, the research group also looks to bolster the analysis of biomedical data and cyber-security of signal processing systems.

There are four main areas of research:

  1. Medical signal analysis
  2. Animal modelling
  3. Remote sensing
  4. Cyber-security

Joining BIPL

If you are interested in joining please go to the recruitment page.


We are grateful for funding from UK EPSRC, ESRC, AHRC, MRC, EU ICT, Royal Society, Innovate UK, Leverhulme Trust, Invest NI, Puffin Trust, Alzheimer Research (UK) and industry.


June, 2024

One paper is accepted by BMJ Public Health: Gong, Q., Gao, Z., Somerville, I., Steele, C., Wang, D. and Zhou, H. Communicating COVID-19 vaccine information to Chinese communities in the UK: a qualitative study of their knowledge, information sources and trust. BMJ Public Health. Accepted for publication.Accepted Version

June, 2024

One paper is accepted by Pattern Recognition: Chen, L., Li, T., Zhou, A., Wang, S., Dong, J. and Zhou, H. Underwater object detection in noisy imbalanced datasets. Pattern Recognition. Accepted for publication.Accepted Version

June, 2024

One paper is accepted by Neural Networks: Kang, C., Prokop, J., Tong, L., Zhou, H., Hu, Y. and Novak, D. InA: Inhibition adaption on pre-trained language models. Neural Networks. Accepted for publication.Accepted Version

June, 2024

One paper is accepted by International Journal of Medical Informatics: Zhang, S., Zhou, H. and Zhu, Y. Have we found a solution for health misinformation? A ten-year systematic review of health misinformation literature 2013-2022. International Journal of Medical Informatics. Accepted for publication.Accepted Version

March 07, 2024

One paper is accepted by Medical Image Analysis: Liu, Z., Yang, B., Shen, Y., Ni, X., Tsaftaris, S.A. and Zhou, H. Long-short diffeomorphism memory network for weakly-supervised ultrasound landmark tracking. Medical Image Analysis. Accepted for publication.Arxiv Version

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